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Audi Q7 2017
Audi Q7 gives us a confidence at any situation. This car is an SUV and it gives us a comfortable feel and Luxuries feel. Audi Q7 has a wonderful driving dynamic.
This SUV is a Premium car of this series. The LED head light used has a crystal shine in it and its very eye catching and Audi Q7 uses the latest technology. This vehicle has a capability to respond to the bends or oncoming traffic. Audi Q7 come up with the iconic hexagonal shaped grille. They utilize a modified version of Volkswagen Group Platform. This SUV is not meant for off-roading.
The new Audi Q7 made up of Aluminum-steel and they use multi material body composition.And this is 325kg lighter than before and now the new Audi Q7 is 25 percent more efficient.

New Audi Q7

The side view of Audi Q7 looks similar to the previous one but the roofline looks sharper. And it looks like the roofline has been lowered. The Audi Q7 comes up with the new design of alloy wheels.
Audi Q7 New


engine cylinder configuration of Audi Q7 is in-line Engine. Audi Q7 comes up with 6 cylinders and 4 valves per cylinder. and it also has 2967 cc in it. Audi Q7 comes up with 249Ps at 4500 rpm. And this vehicle also has 600 Nm at 1500 – 3000 rpm. Audi Q7 also come up with the turbocharger in it. This vehicle has got 9.3 km/p and 12.6 Km/p. Audi Q7 has 8 Gears and the transmission type is Automatic. This vehicle has the fuel capacity of 75L
AudI Q7 2017 specification


And if we talk about safety Audi Q7 consist of 8 airbags. The airbag is consists of drivers head Airbag, driver side Airbag, Rear Passenger front airbag, front side passengers airbag, Rear passenger Airbag. Audi Q7 also consists of front and rear sensor camera, This vehicle has Hill assistance in it.


1. Carrara White
2. Floret Silver, Metalic
3. Orca Black, Metallic
4. Ink Blue, Metallic
5. Graphite Grey, Metallic


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