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BMW company was started in the year 1916. The full form of BMW is Bavarian Motor Works. BMW is another German company just like VolkswagenPorscheAudi. with an awesome design. They have their headquarters at Munich, Bavaria, Germany.


There are three variants in the 5 series BMW and they are
  1. 520d Sport Line
  2. 520d Luxury Line
  3. 530 M Sport
These series have a different technical data Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in sec for
  1. 520d Sports Line is 7.5 sec
  2. 520d luxury line is 7.5 sec
  3. 530 M Sport is 5.7 sec


Maximum torque in Nm at 1/min is 400/1,750-2,500 for 520d Sports Line, Maximum torque is 400/1,750-2500 for 520 Luxury Line, Maximum torque is 620/2000-2500 for 530 M Sport.
 This car is a luxurious and convertible for users. The latest model of 5 series consists of 100 KG lesser from the previous version. It has an astonishing headlamp design which attracts people’s attention. Comparing to the 3 Series this 5 series has a longer bonnet. And it has the crazy sporty look with it. This company always gives a safety confidence for the drive. We get 235 km/h of a top speed for this five series. The seating capacity for this vehicle is 5 seater and it has four doors in it. The length of the score is 4936mm. BMW 5 Series consists of the width of 2126mm. And the height is 1466mm. The fuel tank capacity of this series is 66 L. It has the cargo volume of 520 L. BMW CARS 2017 5SERIES


Benz 5 series had got lot many changes. They have transformed this series 7 times. And they got lot many positive responses from the owner of this series. Benz always comes up with the higher configuration.  This company maintains their reputation from the beginning.
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