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Hyundai finally made a Hydrogen Fuel Car

Hyundai hydrogen fuel car

After few more years, petrol and diesel will be extant. We need an alternate way to run the vehicle. And now Hyundai come up with a new technology. That is the engine which runs with the help of hydrogen fuel.

And now the Hyundai has designed SUV which runs with the help of hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen fuel is available very easily. By this, the transportation will be much efficient. The car will have a better-boosted power then the petrol engine and diesel engine have. The hydrogen can be extracted from water and hence it is much cheaper.

The Hyundai has to name the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle yet. This car will be announced within a year.

Hyundai specification

The Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel-cell SUV ( Suburban Utility Vehicle) give a mileage of 800 km for one complete Full tank. And this SUV will be having 160 BHP (Brake Horsepower). And it will have a booster power to attain the maximum speed. Hyundai has even informed us that this hydrogen fuel-Cell Engine will run at -30° Celsius weather also.

Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell SUV will be having lots of drivers assistant technology so that driving a car will be very easy than before. This will help us to reduce road accidents.


Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell SUV Will have a great production once after they start to produce. All thanks to Hyundai to produce this type of car.

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