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Jeep Compass 2017

Jeep Compass 2017
Jeep is an American company. This company was bought by Chrysler Corporation in the year 1985. The headquartered is situated at Toledo, Ohio. This vehicle developed for sports and off-road drive. Jeep is a company just like Toyota

Jeep Compass

Interior has a premium design and it also has a premium functions in it. The steering wheel is completely wrapped with leather Seat is covered with the help of sky grey leather they also have dual zoon completely automatic temperature control. This vehicle has an aerodynamic design. Jeep compass gives us a unmatching confidence. This Vehicle also has the black roof in it.
Jeep compass has a powerful performance. Jeep compass has 4 modes and they are auto, snow, sand and mud. Such that this Vehicle can drive in any weather condition. Jeep compass also has electronic parking brake (EPB). Electronic parking brake means at the time when the driver stops the vehicle We need to push the button of EPB and Engages automatically when the door opens and buckled seatbelts. Jeep compass also has 6 air bags. This vehicle has front and rear full-length curtains type of airbag. This type of air back covers the complete surrounding together

There are three different types of Wheel design

  1. Sport
  2. Longitude
  3. Limited
New Jeep Compass 2017
The shape used for the wheel design is very strong and it has different shapes and it is also made of lightweight Materials.


Jeep compass has an unmatched power which is of 2.0 multi jet two turbo diesel. This vehicle has a torque of 350Nm. The fuel efficiency of 4X2 – 17.1 Km/L. And 4X4 has a fuel efficiency of 16.3 Km/L.
And if we talk about petrol engine, this vehicle use this 1.4 Multiair Petrol. This engine consists of 162PS with a torque measure of 250Nm.


  1. 2.0 Sport
  2. 2.0 Longitude
  3. 2.0 Longitude Option
  4. 2.0 Limited
  5. 2.0 Limited Option
  6. 2.0 Limited 4×4
  7. 2.0 Limited 4×4 Option
  8. 1.4 Sport
  9. 1.4 Limited
  10. 1.4 Limited Option

Colours of Jeep Compass

  1. Hydro Blue
  2. Minimal Grey
  3. Exotica Red
  4. Vocal White
  5. Brilliant Black


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